Create in-store experiences that engage customers and activate buying.

Imagine brick's & mortar stores where the shopping experience is as convenient and personal as in leading online sites. Staff are equipped with rich customer profiles to adapt their service & approach. Loyalty customers get digital offers & product recommendations to their smartphones.

It’s all possible. Limitless is a platform for triggering and automating in-store offers and experiences based on rich online/offline customer profiles and smartphone-enabled shoppers’ in-store location.

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Hospitality Hotels Bars & Clubs

Create memorable experiences that help you know your customer.

Create the best environment to allow your guests to enjoy the services available in your Hotel.  Encourage the use of Free branded Wi-Fi to push the benefits of your hotel.  Whether it is your gym for young execs, or indulging in your spa for the female customers we can target adverts to increase sales while they are in your venue.  We can also maximise income from sponsored adverts based on previous purchasing history.  Don't treat it as a cost but as a way to generate metric driven insights on your customer.  Easy check-in, maps to room, location services & express checkout couldn't be easier 


Make sure every customer is made to feel important.

Now that every customer is a potential sale don't lose the opportunity to sell.  Notify staff that a VIP customer is in store.  Forward demo videos & brochures to customers in-store.  Free up staff to deliver exceptional customer service. Ensure the journey is seamless with value added service.  Book test drives in store. Never lose a sale again.  

Make the process seamless.


Pharmacy / Health

Your enhanced customer service will set you apart from other chains.

We believe that we can help Retail Pharmacies know & understand their customers, to encourage uptake on personal relevant messaging live in-store.  Automatically message staff to deal with abandoned basket & increase the customer-centric feel to the store.  

Within the health space we can identify people as they approach from the car park, We can have all medical files on screens as they enter A&E using blockchain technology.  We can also message Doctors & staff to ensure maximum delivery of customer care ensuring lean processes.


We can help Telcom companies to maximise value in anonymous data.  

We can provide Wi-Fi partnerships with Telecoms companies to upsell to existing & new Retail customers.  We believe we can increase data uptakes & build new relationships with retail partners in food, pharma, hotels, betting shops & large customer base.  Anonymised data can be targeted at specific stores & branches to increase granular data.

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When a customer interacts with your brand the experience should be seamless. Online, in store or social.

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